The strange part about dating online

Online dating seems to be the best way to go out on dates, especially nowadays in this digital age. The ease and convenience of making an account, filling it up, and matching with a date – all through your phone – makes dating online a great way to search for true love. Online dating is not as perfect as it really seems. There are massive flaws to the system, and if you’ve come to rely solely on online dating to find dates, then you’re not going to have an easy time. But why is that? What’s so strange about online dating that doesn’t make it the perfect way to meet with someone?

Sexy brunette with a bouquet of flowers.

People are Shallow

Countless number of people sign up for an account every day. This may sound good in paper – since it means more dating options – but not all of these newcomers are looking for anything particularly deep. In fact, a good number of users (mostly men) are simply looking for women to have sex with. No strings attached, no emotional bonding, just a one-night stand with a hot woman. They treat dating sites as if it’s some kind of whore house or a raunchy Detroit escorts service. This of course makes it hard for those who are actually looking for something more to find and match with someone who shares the same sentiment.

People Lie a Lot

A good amount of people want their dating profile to leave a good impression, and appear appealing to other users. They decide on a profile pic based on what best accentuates their features, and they fill their bio with every tidbit of interesting things. Due to how competitive dating can get however, many feel insecure of themselves when being compared to the most good-looking and interesting people in the site. And so, many individuals put fake or exaggerated details in their profiles that make them seem better than they really are. All this does however is make the dating pool murkier and harder to wade through for the people who stay genuine. 

People Can Get Picky

Since there are many liars and perverts lurking in dating sites, other users have resorted to being more selective of their picking methods. It’s very easy to swipe left when there are many potential candidates to go through, and keep doing so until you find a good match. What can happen though is that people’s standards become way too high, and they become too judgemental. Anyone who falls even a little bit from those standards are kicked to the curb and never reconsidered. This makes dating, which is already a difficult process on its own, even harder for everyone else. 

In Conclusion

Online dating can be a great way for many people to find true love, and many have in fact found true love. However, dating online has its strange flaws: Many shallow perverts litter the scene who treat the dating site as if it’s a prostitute or escort service, tainting the dating pool. There are also people who purposely lie on their profiles to seem better, but that only serves to make finding someone harder. This makes people excessively demanding of perfection, and end up being way too picky to find someone. It’s alright if you prefer dating online, but as long as you know about its peculiarities and learn from it, you’ll do great in the dating world.